WebLogic Scripting Tool – Scripts

Originally posted @ gratiartis.org on April 5th 2008.

I mentioned my use of the WebLogic Scripting Tool a little while back. I have noticed since then that a number of folks visiting this site are looking for example scripts. I have obviously written a number myself and I promise I’ll try to get around to posting them here. However until I get myself in gear, I thought I would point you at some useful examples that are already out there. I’ll expand this post as I find more…

First, make sure you sign up on http://dev2dev.bea.com/. That’s the BEA site supporting developers where you will find provides news, tutorials and samples to help you get going with WebLogic.

They have a number of projects and code samples that you will be able to get at. My recommendation for getting started is to go to the CodeShare section and have a look around at all the good stuff that has been provided by generous developers around the world.

There’s a WLST project maintained by the guys who developed it in the first place. This contains a whole load of scripts.

And to give you more of a head start, you can go to the Code Samples area of dev2dev and search for WLST, which will give you a list of samples worth looking at. Currently these include a Server Health Monitor (artifact S198), which will periodically check your runtime heap and execute queues and log the state to file.

Also, if you are looking at WLST for its server monitoring capabilities, you should know that BEA Guardian is now free!


A few folks have asked about getting hold of some example scripts. Unfortunately most of what I have written is for work, so it is tied to work environments and not mine to share. However, I have created some simple scripts for sharing, that cover scripting the creation of a domain. These are available as GitHub gists for creating WebLogic domains: http://gist.github.com/589660

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