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Originally posted @ on April 5th 2008.

When at work, I’m generally in the worlds of Windows and Solaris. But these days I’m doing my home development work on a MacBook Pro. But I’m keen to make sure that I can do everything that I do at work so that I can experiment in my own time. So here’s a list of the software I use to develop on the Mac and where to get it.

Java Development

Eclipse (

Still my favourite IDE for Java development with a whole host of useful plug-ins.

NetBeans (

A decent IDE for Java development, but not up there with Eclipse yet. Version 6 is good though if you’re happy to pick up the development builds. Once that’s complete t will be a real challenger.

Maven (

You want to make sure your builds work no matter what platform you’re on? This is a very good way of making sure that happens.

BEA WebLogic

I’m generally a Java EE developer, and the platform that I target at work is WebLogic. Take a look at my WebLogic on Mac OS X page for more information about how to get the server running on OS X.

TeX Development

I do quite a bit of writing using LaTeX for my typesetting. You’ll find a few examples on this site where I have used it to generate PDFs. In the past I have worked on Windows with TeXnicCenter which made working with a large project easy and I used the MikTeX distribution which contains the useful utilities that allowed me to script generating the work products. But what do I do now that I’m trying to do everything on the Mac? As you might expect with something as well established as LaTeX, there is plenty of software that can be used on all sorts of platforms.

MacTex (

MacTeX is a collection of front-ends, documentation and utilities for TeX development. I should warn you that it’s over 700MB, so it will take some time to download!

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