WebLogic on Mac OS X

Since I’m now playing around on a MacBook Pro I thought I’d see whether it was possible to get BEA WebLogic running on it. As it turns out it’s quite simple. These instructions seem to apply to anything from 9.0 upwards, but there’s a link to instructions for 8.1 below.

Here are some sites that I have drawn on for these instructions:

Originally posted @ gratiartis.org on Septenber 8th 2007.

Assuming that you’re familiar with WebLogic on other platforms you probaby already know you can get hold of it here:


Select the download page for the version you want. When selecting platform, choose the version for AIX. Others are designed for specific platforms, but this one is their ‘generic’ install that will work on pretty much anything with a JVM.

Start a console and navigate to where the downloaded JAR was saved and run:

java -Dos.name=unix -jar server100_generic.jar

Replace the JAR filename appropriately according to the version you got. The trick here is that it overrides the os.name environment variable so that the installer doesn’t make a mess of things.

And that’s it… the installer runs and WebLogic is installed.

This is as far as I have got, so I will update this as and when I come across any peculiarities.

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