Online Drools information

This page is intended as a useful set of links to content relating to Drools. If you know of anything useful that you think might be worth adding, please do leave a comment with a link.


First, the main blog from the Drools team. This contains announcements of upcoming features and releases, tutorials, and videos demonstrating functionality. There’s some good stuff here, and I have found the videos particularly useful when learning about Guvnor functionality.


Back in February 2013, Wolfgang Laun published a white paper on “design patterns in production systems”. This provides some useful high level pointers for writing your rules better, and also various patterns for solving more specific problems. Wolfgang is a regular speaker at rules-related conferences, and has written a number of papers, which he tends to link to from his home page at


A series of videos from Mark Proctor, showing the use of the new Drools KIE Workbench.


I’m not too sure why, but for some reason all the books with extensive coverage of Drools that I know of are published by Packt. My guess is that Drools and business rules are a relatively niche field of software development, so the publishing on demand model of Packt makes a lot of sense, seeing as it avoids spending large amounts of money on print runs.

Below are a number of books relating to Drools, Guvnor and JBoss jBPM. For now, I’m just listing them, but I do have copies of most of them, so I’ll add some more detailed notes soon.
Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer’s Guide – July 2009 – Michal Bali

Drools JBoss Rules 5.X Developer’s Guide – May 2013 – Michal Bali

Drools Developer’s Cookbook – January 2012 – Lucas Amador

JBoss Drools Business Rules – April 2009 – Paul Browne

Instant Drools Starter – March 2013 – Jeremy Ary

jBPM5 Developer Guide – December 2012 – Mauricio SalatinoEsteban Aliverti
OSWorkflow: A guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source Business Process Management – August 2007 – Diego Adrian Naya Lazo

Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM – July 2007 – Matt Cumberlidge


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